One Down, Eleven To Go!

IMG_0487.JPGThis is my very first post! The first set of 12 that I’ll be blogging about. I want to begin by chipping away at my bucket list. So, this month I should be able to check one thing off that list (and it’s a long list, so I definitely need to get going on it).

Throughout my life I have created numerous bucket lists but, unfortunately, consolidated none of them. My most recent list looks something like this:

Excerpt of Bucket List 
* skydive
* ride a unicycle
* dye my hair
* learn to play Poker
* request a song on the radio
* gamble at a casino
* ride a segway
* learn to play a musical instrument
* see an Olympics
* start a blog

Well, it looks like I’ve done that last one! Halfway through the month and I’m able to check something off the list. By no means am I a blogging expert. But that wasn’t the point. I love to write and blogging has been something I’ve though about doing for a long time. To finally create one is a success in and of itself. It’s a very appropriate first blog post for me to post about checking “start a blog” off my bucket list.

So, one bucket list item down, 11 more to go. In the months to come you’ll see my check off other items on my list. Some will be from my excerpt above, while others will not. I’m excited to try new things and have a bunch of new experiences, and I hope you’ll enjoy my journey! I encourage you to start checking things off your list along with me – we’ve all gotta start somewhere! Let’s do this!